Parli Thermal Power Station – Parli – Maharashtra


Located on the way from Parbhani to Parli, “Parli Thermal Power Station” rises tall on the plateau among the hills of Marathwada. The mighty exhausts of the power plant look mighty.. just like a miracle.. human made!

Parli Thermal Power Station

Parli Thermal Power Station

Though this spot can not be truly treated as tourist place, it is great place just to see on the way. Capturing these smoking plant chimneys in camera is a fun in itself.

The thermal station of Parli is one of the coal based power plant of Maharashtra State Power Generation Company (MSPGC). The sad part is that the plant had been shut down many times due to extreme shortage of water in the region. This is the main source of electricity not only for marathwada but also for the state.

Parli Vaijnath became world-famous for being home town of one the jyotirlingas, Vaijnath and the mighty power station.

Tourist Info – As I mentioned earlier, the power plant is not a tourist spot. Entry to the plant premise is restricted. It’s a on-the-way attraction. Major nearby place is Parli town and it’s temples.

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